Planned Obsolesense

c|net is running an article claiming that Apple is moving to Intel chips… If it’s really true, what does it mean about my brand new laptop? Does it mean in less than 2 years, nobody will be writing new apps for it? I can’t imagine most development houses are going to like developing for two platforms, especially ones that are as different as PPC and ia32.
If it does turn out to be true, it’ll be pretty disappointing to me. It destroys the uniformity and “cleanliness” of the platform. And it’ll force me to buy something new in 2 years or less.
On the flip side, a Mac OS X on x86 version of VMware would be fun wouldn’t it? I guess in some sense, it hurts the people already developing for the mac, but it may really help out people who want to develop for the mac platform, but don’t really want to deal with a new architecture. Or maybe the architecture doesn’t really matter. Who knows. I guess we’ll all know come Tuesday.

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