Macally iceKey 10 second review

I just got my iceKey delivered to me and I’ve been typing on it for about 2 minutes.
First impressions.. it feels pretty nice. The keys are nice and light, and it feels much less straining though I feel like I’m still pressing too hard.
Packaging: I’ve come to expect high quality packaging from buying mac products recently. This one was nice, but not as good as the apple stuff. Whatever, doesn’t matter anymore.
I’m home now, and I’ve gotten a chance to type on a it a bit more. Overall I like. It’s very nice to have a keyboard that is almost flush with your desk surface, definitely much less bending of the wrists to type. A bit disappointing that they don’t have any ergonomic layout versions of this, but that’s not the end of the world. It’s strictly better “feel”-wise than the Apple Wireless keyboard. That one will still have its uses (especially if I get a Intel mac-mini ;-)).
Some review said the key switches on the iceKey are a bit too stiff. I personally don’t find that to be the case. I feel like I can already type pretty fast on them, in the same touch-typing manner as I do on the built-in keyboard. The one thing that I seem to mess up a lot, though, is the capital “I”. Somehow timing shift together with another key takes some getting used to, not sure why.
Also, why do I have to install drivers to be able to use the keys on a Mac? When I plug it in, it recognizes it as a standard 101 keyboard instead of a Mac keyboard. It seem like if they were going to go through the trouble of using a Mac layout, they could have chosen a controller chip that OS X would just recognize out of the box. Not like its that hard to install a driver, but still.
The built-in hub shows up as a generic usb 1.1 hub in the System Profiler. Do USB 2.0 hubs even exist?

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