Jai Yun

Went to a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that got good reviews, called Jai Yun. At first site, it seemed interesting.. there was only a prix fixe menu with several prices (ranging from $45/head to $150/head).
The appetizer was encouraging.. 8 small dishes with all tasty samples of various pickled vegetables, preserved meat, and tofu. Follow that, however, were 12 or so tiny dishes. Each dish was perhaps a spoonful or two for each person. By the time it ended, we had spent two hours for what felt like hardly any food.
Afterwards, we were all still so hungry, that we went over to trusty old Taqueria Cancun to fulfill our daily caloric intake requirements, for about 5% of the cost.
It could have been a total catastrophe, but I have to admit, at least the dishes at Jai Yun were good. Some new flavors for me and definitely fresh and quality ingredients and cooking. Don’t expect to leave with a full stomach though, unless you’re willing to throw down.

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