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Just saw “this post”: talking about how there are a lot of hostile and arrogant people in the Mac user community. It’s interesting to think about why that is the case. Maybe it’s cuz people realize they just got ripped off for their hardware ;-).
I certainly don’t think I act the way that the post describes many in the community. I’m happy to pay for shareware (and I just wrote about how there is a lot of good stuff out there for the Mac), but maybe its different when you come _from_ the Linux community (You tend to appreciate more of the stuff that the Mac and OSX have, rather than take it for granted and expect more). I also know plenty of counter examples to the type of people that the author describes, especially all the people around me who in some form influenced me to buy a Powerbook in the first place. But then again, I don’t run a mac community site, so it must be a significantly different sample set.
Or maybe it’s like the stereotypical highschool oustcast, who’s entire life is consumed plotting revenge on those who tortured him in the past. At least among my friends, there is a general agreement that at least at one point in time, the Mac was a technically inferior platform (i’d say circa NT4, 2000 and pre-OSX), and maybe those who stuck with the Mac and argued it superiority even through those times feel like the world owes them something. So when they see a bunch of new ‘Mac-newbie’ people switching to the Mac because it really has gotten better, they feel the need to express their superiority and their sense that they were right all along. Maybe they feel their supposed foresight earns them some authority and power to say how the Mac world should evolve, and get upset when it betrays their visions.
But either way, to the people who thought System 9 were really technically better than the NT4’s and the Win2000’s of the world: I just don’t trust your judgement. 😉

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