I gave in. There’s no point obsessing about this forever. This evening after work, I drove down to the “User’s Side San Jose branch”:http://www.users-side.com and put in an order for the black “Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2”:http://www.pfu.fujitsu.com/hhkeyboard/hhkbpro2/.
It was a bit more expensive: about $290 after tax, (that’s compared to about $220 or so at one of my favorite electronics stores in Japan) but if you think about shipping costing an extra $30 and having it in a few weeks vs having it 3 months later, I think it’s a reasonable price.
Besides, after using it for a few months, I’ll know whether I’ll want to buy a second one when I’m in Japan in the spring.
The guy at the store said barring any hiccups, it should get here next week or the week after that. When I asked over email, I was told 3-4 weeks, so I’m a bit skeptical, but here’s to hoping.
As cartman said.. “c’mon…. c’mon….”

One thought on “Ordered

  1. Ended up via a google search of various keyboard technology. 🙂
    I too have, shall we say, strong feeling regarding the input devices I use to interface with my computers. I actually spent some time these past couple of weeks trying to find a decent online community dedicated to the obsession…however, I was unsuccessful. So, I set up a forum of my own. http://geekhack.org
    Feel free to stop by. There DO seem to be some good blogs out there, so I may setup a user blog section and import RSS feeds…allowing users to get more exposure for their sites.
    Since you seem quite interested in keyboards, I figured you might in interested in a contest I am cooking up to help launch the site. Basically, my idea is to have people submit an essay to the forum detailing why I should give them a free keyboard (maybe a HHKB Pro or another desirable model). I figure that might be a good way to increase awareness of the site’s existence (of course, it might also just get me slashdot’ed). 🙂
    Anyways, again, great blog. I am enjoying reading through the archives.


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