Consolas, only for Vista

I’ve written about how you can use Consolas (A new font in office 2007 / Windows Vista) on Windows XP, and how to set it up as the font for powershell.
I even set it as my fixed width font in Internet Explorer 7.
All seemed well, until I RDP’ed in. It turns out these new fonts don’t have the proper hinting of their forefathers (Arial, Lucida Console, Courier New). So if you RDP into an XP host, which doesn’t support font smoothing over RDP, then you get really crappy non-smoothed versions of Consolas. I suppose you could switch the font every time you log in and out, but that’s just too annoying.
Because of this, I’ve switched everything back to the old XP fonts. I’ll have to wait until I install Vista to really benefit from the new fonts. With a Vista host, you can use the new MS RDP client to get font smoothing over RDP, then all will be kosher again.

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