Mutlilingual blogging

I’ve restarted my Japanese blog. I used to have a good number of visitors when I was involved in all that Momonga and Gentoo JP stuff. Ah, good old college days.
I’ve never seen blog software that handles multilingual blogging perfectly. I’ve seen hacks for various existing solutions, but they all don’t really get at the core of the problem. What you really want is another dimension of metadata on your posts, somewhat like categories. But it is also essential that users be able to filter easily by language. And it should allow you to have multiple translations of the same post in different languages, but only one version should get shown to the user, based on their language preferences.
But admittedly, the market for such features is very small. I mean, we’re still in a day and age where most software companies can’t even get their translation/localization story straight. Internationalization is still mostly an afterthought for all but the biggest software players. And it’s not like there’s a huge multilingual blogging population out there to start with. Oh well.
I’ve been very hesistant to maintain multiple blogs in different languages up until now. It would mean dealing with multiple WordPress/Textpattern installations, with their own databases and settings, and updating each as new stuff came out.
But Movable Type changed all that. It’s now really easy for me to post to multiple blogs. The one installation takes care of them all.


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