Mac mini first impressions?

Snow Leopard is really really buggy. I mean maybe worse than an Ubuntu release. Here are the bugs I’ve hit so far:

  • Can’t connect to my DNS-323.. the shares show up, but when I click on them, I get an error message, even if I’m logged in as the right user. Some claim new DNS software fixes this, but it used to work in Leopard, so I blame Apple.
  • Sometimes I lose my keyboard on reboots. Have to unplug/replug. It’s just a standard Microsoft Natural keyboard. I mean come on! Don’t tell me everyone at apple uses those flat aluminum things.
  • When I come out of screen saver, I see my desktop, then it goes blue, then it fades to my desktop again, then it goes blue again, then it fades to my desktop again, then it goes blue, until I hit a key on the keyboard. Not sure what’s going on but 10.6.2 didn’t fix it.

Sometimes other random weird shit happens, but those are the most reproducible.
The only difference with Linux is that, I trust Apple to fix most of these things eventually. With Linux, I’d have to dick around for hours and fix shit myself.
But really, is this how software is done these days? Was getting SL out before Win7 really that worth it?
On the performance front, I’m very pleased. 4GB seems plenty for light usage (even with a small VM), and having enough RAM makes me almost not notice that I only have a 5400rpm drive. I’ll get around to the SSD upgrade some day (maybe when Intel SSD prices are no longer jacked up due to low availability), and knowing that 8GB is supported makes me thing this machine will definitely last a while. Graphics seem pretty good, though I don’t do anything in my daily routine to really test it. Fullscreen HD or whatever seems fine. We’ll see what happens when SC2 comes out, but my backup plan is still to build a mini cheap PC to play that.

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