What the 5ghz

Comparing two usb network cards by copying files on my home network.

TP-LINK WN-822N USB 802.11n 2×2 2.4ghz: 2 MB/s peak.

Trendnet TEW-684UB USB 802.11n 3×3 dual-band @5ghz: 11MB/s peak.

Pretty depressing to think I was living with the 2MB/s for so long. I guess is the silver lining in the recent flakiness I’ve been seeing the TP-Link product (doesn’t re-associate with the network when pc wakes up).

I also don’t know if there’s a chipset brand thing going on here. The TP-Link has an atheros chip, and the Trendnet a Ralink chip. I’ve had good experiences with other Ralink chips, so maybe this is something to focus on the future. Or it could just be the 3×3 and the 5ghz channel. It’s hard to imagine that 2.4ghz is that bad out here in the burbs though.

Sigh, Update: After a bit more poking around, just realized that my router was set to only use 802.11 b/g for the 2.4ghz band. And not N. That means all my 2.4ghz devices were suffering. ToT

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