Wrist Rests are Bad?

This random video that I found on an old reddit post has been blowing my mind recently. It talks about RSI and how the common advice of aligning fingers on a the home row actually is really bad and causes unnecessary tension.

Wrist rests are also bad because they cause you to pivot from the wrist rather than moving your arm to get to farther out keys.

So I’ve ditched my wrist rest, pulled my keyboard closer, and have been re-learning how to type. Going down this path because I couldn’t find any wrist rest configuration that led to complete comfort. I was swapping out my Drop Alt HP for my apple keyboard a couple times a day due to fatigue.

So far this approach seems to be working. No more tension in the wrist / hand. But because I have to keep my hands in the air to type, my arms are getting tired. Hopefully this is temporary and just need to build up some endurance here.

A side effect of not resting your wrists though, is that now you have the whole weight of your hand to type, which makes light switches feel way lighter then when you use a wrist rest. This has caused me to revert to using all gateron reds, instead of a mix of reds and clears. I’m also looking to possibly step up a weight class… Gateron yellows and other 50-55g actuation switches might actually very reasonable now. I can see why people who type in this manner prefer heavier springs. They provide a sense of “landing” instead of your fingers just crashing in to the keyboard.