The Holiest Pandas

Wow these are really nice. After 4 months or so, I finally took delivery of a box of Invyr Holy Panda switches from the Drop group buy.

To me they feel like Topre’s but with a very un-Topre-like mechanical switch bottom out. The sound on them is great, even just plain unlubed on my Drop Alt. I can see why the youtubers rave about this switch. It sounds great and feels great.

Only minor issue is that my “5”-key seems to be flaky when I have a HP switch in there. Possibly a bad switch, as the socket has no issue when I have a gateron red plugged in. Also some possible oddity with the particular socket being loose. The switch housings on the HPs feel like they are made from a softer plastic than the Gaterons, so there could also be some additional flex there that is causing issues. For now, that socket has a Gat Red in it, and I don’t notice because typing a 5 is quite rare.

Holy Pandas finally arrive. Packaging not as bad as what I saw in videos, but these holders were still slightly loose.

Interestingly, my hands also seem to tire less with tactile switches. Not sure if its just a fluke, but possibly the different way in which tactile switches cause your fingers to apply force may actually be good for my hands. With linears, you have to apply force all the way through the travel, whereas with tactiles, my fingers let up as soon as they feel that they’re over the bump. So even if these switches have heavier springs, somehow they feel like they are less work to type on. Very unexpected result, that makes me also want to try other tactile switches like Zealios and Zilents. This is going to get expensive very quickly….