3 of 4

Wow, got most of it done and its just saturday. The room has much less random pieces of paper laying around (thanks to my filling box), the farmer’s market was so-so but not super (the Rainbow co-op is better), and the Heats vs Pistons game was a blow-out (I’m really looking forward to a Detroit vs San Antonio match up).
Now I just gotta learn me a bit more programming. I’m not sure that is going to suffice for tomorrow.. this whole Apple going Intel thing might suck up my time. I hope for something to distract me until Monday when the official news is out and the speculation is over. I still find it pretty hard to believe, but now apparently the WSJ confirms it (though they were the first to report the rumor). I hope its just Apple puling a stunt in an attempt to punish the guys like the ThinkSecret folks.

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