Aloe Vera Yogurt

This pretty common food item in Japan is impossible to find here apparently. I bought some at the Nijiya in Mountain View the other day because I happened upon them, but I’ve not been able to find them at any other Japanese store in the bay area since then. The closest I came was the Nijiya in SF’s Japan center (which apparently the young Japanese now refer to as “japa-sen”), which had a shelf label for the aloe yogurt, but the shelf was empty.
Why do I care… it tastes good, and its supposed to be pretty good for you.
The aloe vera juice I bought from rainbow on the other hand.. well.. its pretty gross, but I’m getting more tolerant towards it. I still have to take it in shots though, and chase it with a bit of chocolate to get the flavor out. The flavor of the juice is actually not that bad.. its kinda sour and spicy, but the smell is what gets me.

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